Apple Finally Gives Customers a Place to Complain on Twitter

The clouds have parted!

Without any further ado: Meet @AppleSupport!

Now, you can forget standing in line at the Genius Bar with countless hipsters discussing whole-grain oats, beard conditioner, IPAs and the price of artisanal espressos. According to Adweek, Apple has finally joined the rest of us and got itself a Twitter account.

And the company has been busy since their announcement, having already sent out more than 125 tweets, covering everything from Apple IDs to downloading app updates, to its now close to 60K followers. That’s in one day.

For the longest time, Apple’s presence on the live, updated microblog had been fragmented. If you want to discuss Apple products, you visit Apple Music, Beats, or just hashtag #iphoneissues.

So, what would be your first question: Why does your battery die within a few hours? Which apps kill iPhone service without permission?

Whatever the case, with direct access, let the good times scroll!