‘Apple Car’ Project Leader Done With Apple. So Now What?

Steve Zadesky is "leaving the company for personal reasons."

The rumors span the blogs, forums, and timelines about this esoteric vehicular lovefest called “Project Titan.” In case you don’t attend CES, troll nerd magazines, or read Reddit with any routine, this is the iCar from Apple.

No one is certain if it’s electric or a hybrid, but if it is ever constructed, be certain this thing will run on awesome sauce. It has been in the research and development phase since 2008 — yes, another of Steve Jobs’ visions.

A prototype to give Tesla a run for its money. A minivan to a sedan. Who knows what it will look like. However, we do know one person won’t see it — the guy who was commandeered to bring the thing to the market.

Steve Zadesky, a 17-year Apple vet and former Ford Motor engineer, has overseen the car project for the last two years, and tripled the size of Apple’s automotive team. Unfortunately, Zadesky is “leaving the company for personal reasons,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

The team has encountered some problems, according to people familiar with the matter, in laying out clear goals for the project. Apple has urged the team to push ahead with ambitious deadlines even though some on the team felt that those targets weren’t attainable, these people said.

In other words, Apple CEO Tim Cook wasn’t happy.

Will this thing ever happen? Only time will tell.