AppDown Pays Users for Downloading New Games & Apps

AppDown is the simplest way to download new apps for money. The service introduces users to one free app download each day, which is rewarded with cash payments for each download. Users can also earn money by gaining a following of friends who are referred to the app for more cash payments.

The app provides new user acquisition services to apps, and in doing so actually pay users to try out new apps. App makers can profit by introducing in-app purchases or ads, if the apps are fun to play or use. In a perfect set-up, everyone wins.

Here’s why app developers are turning to AppDown for new user acquisitions:  :


You can buy installs from Ad Networks. The problem here is the price. According to Chartboost the average CPI (cost per install) in US in September was $2. For a game to get to 50 Top Free Apps in US you need 23k downloads in one day (according to Distimo ). Using expensive Ad Networks you would pay horrible amount of money. Or you can use cheap incentivised downloads. But often these services cannot deliver that amount of installs in one day.

That’s why we develop Appdown – real installs so cheap you can buy thousands of them for your launch day.