Appbistro Launches Q&A Community For Facebook Page Owners

Appbistro, a service which helps Facebook Page administrators find the proper applications for their Pages, has just launched a new Q&A community for Facebook Page owners. It can be seen as an alternative help center to Facebook’s existing help system, which isn’t as useful for business owners looking to use the site. Right now, the site already has a few active community members who are answering questions.

One sample question is, “How do you get rid of the Getting Started tab on my Facebook Page?” That has been a major source of frustration for many Facebook Page owners. We also get asked this question regularly, but thankfully Anastasia Hilinsky, a member of the appbistro community, was able to provide the correct answer:

No one except for administrators can see the getting started tab. This tab will remain while you are getting started with your Page.

Once you add an image, enter your basic information, post status updates, and build a fan base, the Get Started tab will disappear automatically.

Right now there are a few active members of the community, but I’d guess that it will continue to grow. For those people who manage Facebook Pages regularly, this will no doubt serve as a great resource for getting questions answered, as well as potentially promoting yourself as an expert in the space. If you are looking for help with Facebook Pages, you can go get your questions answered at appbistro.