App Stats Get Jacked Up

This morning I saw a lot of buzz happening in the developers forum and on other blogs about Facebook application statistics getting messed up. Adonomics has also stopped tracking statistics due to the numbers being off by an order of magnitude. This isn’t the first time that the numbers have been messed up but it makes you wonder if this is the only numbers Facebook is messing up.

How about for those that are paying for Facebook SocialAds? What would happen if the numbers just went screwy and clicks and impressions were counted incorrectly? That would definitely be a disaster for Facebook. I would assume that Facebook is more cautious with their SocialAds code though. It appears that since writing this post Facebook has updated their statistics and the issue is now resolved. There were simply too many zeros added on to each application.

Analytics are always a point of contention no matter what service you are using. Even Google has problems with their analytics service on a regular basis. Some days it will appear like nobody has visited your site but withing 24 hours the information will be updated. It’s amazing that with all of the technology that has been produced since the launch of the web, analytics services are always one of the primary points of failure for developers.