App monetization platform Appnext acquires AppHome for $2.5 million


App monetization and distribution platform Appnext has announced its acquisition of social app and game developer AppHome. The $2.5 million acquisition is the culmination of an ongoing partnership with AppHome, which sees AppHome’s technology integrated into the Appnext platform to offer mobile developers better monetization and advertising tools.

The Appnext platform allows developers to create native ads, which match the look and feel of an app’s design and user experience. That is, ads can be integrated into the background trees of a game in a forest setting, or an ad can be built into the leaderboard of a competitive app. In doing so, the ads look more natural, and, according to Appnext, “outperform run of network ads by 200%.”

In addition, ad networks can utilize feeds of recommended apps, which help generate revenue for both advertisers and publishers. For advertisers, companies can select where their ads will run in terms of app categories or even specific apps and games via real-time bidding.

“Having partnered with AppHome, we grew to appreciate the team and their technology, and felt that bringing them into Appnext made the most strategic sense,” said Elad Natanson, founder of Appnext.

“It’s AppHome’s technology which lets us create an open access API to our platform, and enable each of our partners to develop unique monetization tools around our app promotion engine. Since we implemented this technology, we have already served over 1B app recommendations through our media partners alone in the last few months.”

More information about the Appnext platform is available on the company’s website.