APOCALYPSE WATCH: This Temporary Tattoo Can Unlock Your Smartphone

temporary tattoo

Show us the nearest flip phone dealer, because this newfangled device looks like a special delivery from Lucifer himself.

Anyone catch this news from TechCrunch?

A temporary tattoo that you can place anywhere on your body (if you are into that sort of thing) will unlock your phone. No secret code. No tricks. No thumbprint. Just a mark of the beast called technology hanging out and waiting to gain access into your soul.

Motorola has teamed up with a company called VivaLnk to make a temporary tattoo that can unlock a smartphone, no PIN required. Slap it on your skin, hold your phone up to it, and bam — phone unlocked.

Apparently, this freakish invention is an ultra thin NFC circuit, wrapped up in medical grade 3M adhesive that won’t bother your skin. Of course it might just totally screw with your mind, but that is another story. Is the hassle of three seconds to enter a PIN into a phone so great that we have to compromise our bodily integrity to get past it?!

Maybe Bruce Willis was right in Die Hard 2 when he said, “…as far as I’m concerned, progress peaked with frozen pizza.”

True–but frozen pizza doesn’t make for a compelling pitch, does it?