APOCALYPSE WATCH: The New York Times Stops ‘Pitching’ Its Front Page

More fuel for the "print is dead" fire.

new york times digitalYou hear that? It’s the winds of change howling once again around publishers across America.

We all know that newspapers are dying a slow, unfortunate death because of the Internet. However, the fortitude of print journalists will rest not on their old crusty laurels, but how they embrace the new print — digital.

The “Grey Lady” is on board…no Botox required.

According to Poynter’s MediaWire, the Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet announced plans to retire the Times‘ system of pitching stories for Page 1 of the print edition in order to help push content to its digital properties:

In the memo, Baquet emphasizes the importance of The Times’ editorial meetings, calling them “an important venue” for deciding how the organization should cover stories. The paper will still pitch stories for A1 at the afternoon meeting, but “that process will play a less prominent role,” Baquet writes.

This focus for pitching the digital platform is a good thing for publishing, but a bad thing for print. It’s still journalism but through a different lens. What do publishers want? Circulation and eyeballs. Where are those found? Online.

It’s a brave new world for journalists — online, on the phone, and on social media. Print is dead; long live print.