APOCALYPSE WATCH: Even GOP Senators Dislike FOX News

tom coburn

Whenever America watches Jon Stewart uncork on President Obama, people immediately think “Damn! Obama must not be doing so well.”

It’s not breaking news, but his approval numbers are low because this is a subject upon which hardcore democrats and republicans can almost agree.

And now, the other side of that coin: the GOP is bashing FOX News.

Meet U.S. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, FOX News Insider and now-former fan who may have just lost a paycheck.

We’re not kidding about the whole “FOX News Insider” thing. The guy is a repeat guest on the network. His views are conservative but not completely insane, so people watch him and appreciate what he says.

And now that he has said what was reported on BuzzFeed News, the #PRFail vultures are flying overhead.

Coburn was speaking as part of his farewell town hall tour Wednesday at the southeast campus of Tulsa Community College. The senator is retiring this year; he is currently being treated for a recurrence of prostate cancer.

There are certain shows on Fox I can’t watch,” Coburn said. “Because they’re totally not fair and totally not balanced. I want all the information with which I can make the best decision.”

If you are like other PR people starving for a little unbiased news on your platter, devour this:

He added: “The real problem is we’ve lost the professionalism of journalism.”

Boom! Here’s the video from TheOkie blog (via Crooks & Liars)