AOL Integrates Facebook Chat Into AIM

AOL AIM FacebookYesterday evening Facebook and AOL announced a new partnership which involves the integration of Facebook Chat “into AIM, AOL’s instant messaging platform, and its new Lifestream feature”, according to Scott Harris of Mercury News. The announcement came on the same day that Google announced their new Buzz product which was aimed squarely at Facebook, integrating many of the company’s existing features.

The new product which is now accessible, is a relatively simple integration, however it highlights how Facebook is trying to take away some of the “buzz” from Google’s new product launch. The fact that the announcement didn’t formerly come through Facebook but instead through a couple articles suggests that this new product integration is just another day at the office for Facebook.

In a statement to Mecury News, Brad Garlinghouse said it was “a sign of where AOL is heading”. Given that 70 percent of AOL users are now on Facebook, I’d argue that AOL users are essentially shifting over to Facebook. However with a large percentage of internet users still using AIM as one of their primary chat platforms, this is a big partnership for Facebook, especially for the company’s Chat product.