AOL Buys Huffington Post – 5 Reasons Twitter Rocks With Tech Gossip Like This

One of the biggest news items in the tech world this week? That AOL has purchased the hit blog news site The Huffington Post. Huffington Post has several excellent Twitter handles — and Twitter users seem to have an excellent handle on the whole AOL deal. Here are the top 5 ways that Twitter is awesome for breaking news items like the AOL purchase.

1. Techie Perspective. There’s something elegant about getting social media news on a social media Web site. Huffington Post and Twitter are both kings of blogging — a subset of social media — even though they take different approaches. HuffPost is perhaps less widely used and falls neatly into the media category, whereas Twitter is broad site for users of various interests and motivations. But the fact that Twitter can break news so quickly means that there’s a good chance you heard about the AOL-HuffPost deal via tweet — giving you blogging news by a blogger or media personality.

2. See What the Sources Are Saying. One of the main advantages of Twitter, of course, is that you can see what the people involved in the news are saying. For example, you can read a tweet by Arianna Huffington telling you how the acquisition has affected her life….

3. You, Too, Can Spread the Gossip. Twitter is also great because once you hear a great piece of techworld or blogworld gossip like this, you can get involved and retweet or reply to your heart’s desire. Chances are if something like the HuffPost deal interests you, then you are interested in blogging and social media in general — which makes it convenient that Twitter exists to let you jump in and take five seconds out of your day to write a 140 word response to the news.

4. Links to Other Topics. Twitter has the easy ability to add depth to a short news item. The AOL purchase only needs a one line explanation to get across the main idea (which is also perfect for short Twitter messages), but the plethora of links embedded in tweets these days mean that with a few clicks, you can sink your teeth into a topic — either by getting a range of perspectives or by moving onto a related topic that might shed more light on something like the Huffington Post deal.

5. The Personal and Business Side. Finally, one of Twitter’s great strengths lies in its equal utility for business and personal use. So when you read a tech gossip item, you can respond to tweets that attend to both sides. See what your friends think about Huffington Post’s latest shift. Or see what a business-centric source like the Wall Street Journal has to say…

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you get your news. Sometimes it does. And in the case of tech or media gossip, Twitter is a great go-to.