AOL Ad Sales on TMZ: Good Riddance?

TMZLogo.jpgTMZ‘s announcement Tuesday that it was bringing its ad sales in-house and taking them away from AOL’s Platform-A is causing a minor outbreak of “He said, she said.” general manager Pam Russo told paidContent Monday that TMZ and outgrew the Platform-A infrastructure and the methods AOL uses to sell ads.

But a source close to AOL ad sales issued a rebuttal, telling Silicon Alley Insider that AOL ad-sales employees welcomed the move.

The source told Silicon Alley Insider TMZ is an expensive news organization that produces raunchy content, which is difficult to sell to consumer-packaged goods advertisers. The source added that AOL’s homegrown celebrity news site, PopEater, is performing 50% better than TMZ, and the source included ComScore numbers to back that up.