Anonymous Secret Sharing App, Whisper, Works Like Social Post Secrets for Your Phone

whisperThere was a time when PostSecret were very popular. It was described as an art project, but it operated more than a postal confession box – complete with stamps and anonymous handwriting posted for people all over the world to see and judge. Now, there’s an equally popular phone app that’s offering the same secret-sharing capabilities for young high school and college students with smartphones. It’s Whisper, and it’s gaining momentum faster than you can say I quit Facebook.

If you’ve just joined Whisper, and find it rather superficial or frivolous – you might find Whisper’s side project, Your Voice, a redeeming venture for the Whisper startup.

Your Voice is a non-profit organization founded by the Whisper App and dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues on college campuses. It provides resources for college students who struggle with issues like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sexuality, and managing stress. Our goal is to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness and create a space for students to express their struggles, however big or small, while knowing they are not alone.

From PostSecret, a scanned postcard:


From Whisper, an anonymous admission overlaid on some stock photos: