Anomo App Serves Ads to Anonymous Users

Hulu, Universal Pictures and are among the companies using masked social-sharing platforms to target anonymous users.

In an age of hyper-targeting, Hulu, Universal Pictures and are among the companies using the smartphone app Anomo and similar platforms to target anonymous users.
Brands are increasingly tapping into the growing appeal of anonymity to reach today’s consumers. Concealed social sharing platforms such as Anomo and Whisper keep gaining momentum, and companies are looking to connect with targeted users in more creative ways via mobile.
Adweek reports:

When Anomo’s 300,000 users this week begin to post the hashtag #Vegas, a native-style ad will appear. “Traveling here is about having an experience you cannot get at home,” said Dustin Robertson, CMO at the Sin City bookings site. “So much of our traffic is coming from mobile that if we can get into people’s phones, that’s a market we are willing to pay for.”

Last week, MTV unveiled a similar campaign on Whisper, its biggest yet. When popular keywords such as “virgin” are used on the platform, users are given an option to include an MTV-branded background to their posts. Similarly, Hulu launched its original series Deadbeat on the platform, and Universal Studios promoted the movie Endless Love in a Valentines Day-themed campaign.
While Secret doesn’t yet offer advertising, these anonymity-based platforms are attractive to marketers as they cater to the elusive demographic of millennials.