Announcing the AllFacebook Connect Directory

Are you trying to keep track of all the latest sites to integrate with Facebook Connect? I know I am. That’s why last night I programmed the Facebook connect directory. While Facebook already displays websites in the Facebook application directory, there isn’t a way to view just sites that have implemented Connect, especially mainstream sites and applications.

This new directory ties directly into our application directory so as applications get added, we’ll be tracking how much traffic they are receiving. If you have implemented Facebook Connect on your website, you can fill out the form on the directory page and we’ll update the directory so that your site is included. The main purposes is to keep track of all the new sites that are implementing Connect outside of new platform applications.

One other feature that I decided to implement last night is a more robust application voting system. By default, applications have a 100% rating but once you start voting, those ratings will change. Ratings work across all applications whether they or Connect or general platform applications. I know that I can’t personally track every single site that’s implementing Connect which is why I’m relying on you to help out!

This is only the beginning of the products I’ll be rolling out on this site. As you probably have noticed, we have a new writer, Kristen Nicole, who’s helping pick up the slack. Now I can program and Kristen helps me by posting articles. We’re definitely bootstrapping still and it has resulted in some occasional downtime but bumps in the road be damned, we’re going to make this as broad as we can.

I’m really excited about some of the upcoming features that we’ll be releasing. If there’s something that you would like to see please let us know! Do you want statistics about consumer usage on social networks? Perhaps you’d like to track the latest investments in the space. It can be anything you’d like, just let us know! While we can’t program everything, we’d still like to know what you want to see. Head over to the contact page for details on how to get in touch.

Currently the application ratings aren’t integrated into the application articles but that will be coming soon. Thanks for your support! By the way, if you notice any bugs please let us know. I’ve been working through minor ones in the application directory so if you see anything out of whack just holler!