Ann Taylor Loft Has a Too-Detailed Explanation For This Photoshop Fail

The explanation was as bad as the Photoshop fail.

ann taylor loftAnother day, another Photoshop mishap. This time it’s Ann Taylor Loft. They took this perfectly lovely model (above) and removed a few ribs, maybe extracted a few organs, and generally made a mess of things.

At this point, we know that these things happen. Whether it’s a misguided attempt to add a thigh gap, the omission of a shoulder, or a crotch that goes adios, folks are Photoshoppin’ like it’s going out of style. And when it happens, there’s an apology and a correction.

Loft has taken down the image — it’s available here and here — but they’ve also offered an explanation. What do you think of it?

They say the attempted correction was actually just a minor one to remove a tattoo.

The photo in question was actually only minimally retouched to remove a tattoo. Admittedly, the photo highlighted the model at an awkward angle, making it look as if there had been significant retouching. That was not the case. You can see in the original photo the shape of the model is consistent, and the retouching was simply to address the tattoo and not the shape of the model. Because the photo could be perceived as significantly retouched, we have replaced the shot on our website. 

At our heart, we are a brand that is about making women feel more confident and stylish. The LOFT team is personally committed to making sure our product and marketing live up to brand promise.

This is a case where simply saying, “There was a tattoo we didn’t like and went too far getting rid of it” would’ve been sufficient. All the other stuff just sounds like the Peanuts teacher. The visual effect of the error is significant so all these other words don’t mitigate that. We can’t tell what you were trying to do. It was just a disaster. And the fact that a fashion company didn’t see this before it went online is strange.

Sometimes you can say too much.