Android/iPhone App Equivalency Table

In the last six months Android has gained a lot of publicity and therefore more people know about it. If you currently use an iPhone and are interested in Android, I expect that a question you are asking is whether Android has the applications that you use on your iPhone. In some cases you can find the same applications on both the iPhone and Android, but in most cases you will need to find Android applications that perform the same functions as the iPhone application.

Alex Payne, who is an engineer at Twitter, Inc., programmer, and author, recently wrote about his experience using Ubuntu and Android in place of OS X and the iPhone. Payne notes that he was pleasantly surprised to find Android equivalents for most of the iPhone applications that he uses, and he put together a table listing the iPhone app and its equivalent Android app. I think both iPhone and Android users will find something useful in Alex’s table. Obviously, this is one person’s table, and you are likely to find other equivalents, or over time the exact same programs may be available on both platforms, as is the case with Fandango. If you have some suggestions for equivalent applications, please post a comment.