Android Tips From Google

I recently started using the Google Nexus S, which is currently the only phone that runs Android 2.3. One thing different about Android 2.3 is that it has changed the colors or the status bar icons for WiFi, data service, cell strength, and battery life, from white to green. However, I’ve been noticing that some times the icons are white, and today I learned why. According to Google, the icons will be green when the phone has an uninhibited connection to Google. If the WiFi icon is white, the phone is not connected to the Internet, and if you are at a hotel that means you probably need to first start the browser to logon to the hotel’s Internet service.

The information about the status bar icons comes in a post on the Official Google Blog that provides a bunch of tips for using Android 2.3. While the tips are handy, they also highlight some of the features of Android 2.3, like the Download Manager, which quickly shows you anything that you downloaded from the Internet to your phone. If you own a Nexus One, or planning on getting a new Android phone in the future, you might want to bookmark this page to reference in the future when you have Android 2.3.

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