Android Grows Quickly on This Week’s List of Top Facebook Apps by DAU

This week’s list of fastest-growing apps on Facebook by daily active users is led off by a pair of Zynga games and Facebook for BlackBerry, the mobile connection app for BlackBerry users. However, all three of these apps are at best holding steady in terms of DAU.

It’s the Android apps, a bit further down the list, that really stand out this week. Take a look at the AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1. icon FarmVille 18,811,408 +740,737 +4.10
2. icon Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones 10,416,107 +507,473 +5.12
3. icon Treasure Isle 5,586,672 +409,720 +7.91
4. icon Windows Live Messenger 1,076,035 +241,434 +28.93
5. icon FrontierVille 5,121,586 +232,279 +4.75
6. icon Family Feud 1,345,730 +229,127 +20.52
7. icon Bejeweled Blitz 2,676,324 +221,690 +9.03
8. icon Status Shuffle 1,202,463 +198,118 +19.73
9. icon Restaurant City 2,879,832 +116,499 +4.22
10. icon 德州撲克 584,306 +99,616 +20.55
11. icon HTC Sense 1,463,153 +98,120 +7.19
12. icon Café World 5,113,562 +96,704 +1.93
13. icon Entrevista tus Amigos 1,325,490 +96,466 +7.85
14. icon Marketplace 373,420 +83,355 +28.74
15. icon Facebook for Android 2,206,996 +83,147 +3.91
16. icon Baking Life 575,456 +80,143 +16.18
17. icon Ninja Saga 1,162,339 +80,129 +7.40
18. icon Mall World 726,944 +75,747 +11.63
19. icon Twitter 688,719 +75,615 +12.33
20. icon Pet Society 2,787,005 +73,509 +2.71

You’ll have to look down to numbers 11 and 15 to find HTC Sense and Facebook for Android. But for mobile apps, both are growing quite quickly — especially HTC Sense, which is made for an HTC interface that’s mostly on Android phones. Combined, the two picked up 181,267 new DAU over the past week, giving us yet another clue that Android rapidly picking up new users. Below is a chart showing HTC Sense’s DAU growth over the past month.

Looking back up to number four in the list, Windows Live Messenger, which was popular earlier this year, is quickly rising again. The messaging app, which many users come to because they’re already using Windows Live software, is especially popular with a broad set of international users.

The only other non-game app (we cover those over at Inside Social Games) on the list worth a look is Entrevista tus Amigos, which has been steadily growing for weeks. At this point, the friend quiz has about two percent of all Spanish-language users interacting with it on a daily basis, according to DAU measurements, which is about as well as any similar English-language quiz did.