Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone Create #PRWin for Charities

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If it ain’t broke, do not fix this!

paparazzi (n.) 1961, from Italian Paparazzo (plural paparazzi) surname of the freelance photographer in Federico Fellini’s 1959 film “La Dolce Vita.” The surname itself is said to be a common one in Calabria, and Fellini is said to have borrowed it from a travel book, “By the Ionian Sea,” in which occurs the name of hotel owner Coriolano Paparazzo.

Ironic isn’t it? The very name of those weaselly, bottom-feeding photographers hails from Hollywood. It’s a match made in hell. Some of the “beautiful people” ignore them; others run from them; a few talk to them.

And then there’s Alec Baldwin.

However, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone — cohorts in the new ‘Spider Man’ series — have a proven way to fight back: they give PR muscle to very important causes. What’s interesting is this tactic has been going on for two years.

So, there they are: Spidey and Gwen Stacy having some lunch when they play witness to a cavalcade of cameras. They aren’t plugging another movie, and cameras in the face go with the territory…but then it hit them (again): PSA!

Stone’s sign read:

“Good morning! We were eating and saw a group of guys with cameras outside. And so we thought, let’s try this again. We don’t need the attention, but these wonderful organizations do —>

Garfield’s sign read:, (and don’t forget) Here’s to the stuff that matters. Have a great day!”

Brilliant. And proof that when leveraged correctly, even TMZ and its vultures can be used for the greater good. The pic below is from 2012, according to the Daily Mail (UK). It is nice to see people in Hollywood not placating the press and genuinely working for good.

Look at that: An encore! Fitting.

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