An Inside Look at Facebook’s New Ads Manager iOS App

Sorry Android friends, Facebook's Ads Manager is not ready for you yet. Power Editor geeks, this is not a replacement, but a handy app to manage stats and boost posts.

Sorry Android friends, Facebook’s Ads Manager is not ready for you yet. Power Editor geeks, this is not a replacement, but a handy app to manage stats and boost posts.

But everyone else who is trying to grow their business on Facebook, you’re in luck! No need to lug your laptop around to manage your Facebook ads, except for set-up tasks and deep reporting, when you really don’t want to be using your phone.

Agencies and consultants can now simplify their client work, since boosting posts is easy and effective. Any simple tasks you can do quickly on your iPhone — especially convenient if you want to use your phone’s photo library. You can choose to receive notifications, but if you’re already getting them in email and on desktop, this could be overkill.

Michael McEuen agrees, sharing his thoughts on the convenience the new ads manager in iOS offers:

google profileAnyone whose ran multiple FB ad campaigns in the past likely has war stories. Memories of rushing home from a restaurant or bar to turn off a rogue campaign over the weekend. The mobile Ads Manager puts a Marketer’s mind at ease, allowing for quick edits on the fly.

Let’s take a peek at the interface.

Here’s the internal Portage ad account.


You’re limited in the number of objectives you can choose from. But most of your ads will be boosting (promoting) posts, anyway, if you’ve got a solid funnel nurture strategy.

Let’s boost a post

Note: promoting website clicks and local awareness has a similar flow — perfect for small biz owners on the go.


If you’ve done your homework and created your saved audiences properly, you need only select the content:


Then the audience you want to see it (we want to target Infusionsoft customers).


And set your budget and scheduling details:


It’s that easy!

If you have a lot of accounts or an agency managing clients through Business Manager, you’re still going to need your desktop.

But this will save you a ton of time.