Amplitude Studios Announces Dungeon of the Endless for iPad

The dungeon defense roguelike sees players exploring environments and battling enemies while they defend their generator.

Independent developer Amplitude Studios has announced it will bring its popular dungeon defense game, Dungeon of the Endless, to iPad later this year. Previously released on PC, Dungeon of the Endless is a hybrid of roguelike and tower defense games, which sees players exploring randomly generated environments on a an alien planet, while also protecting the generator of their crashed ship.

In Dungeon of the Endless, players are stranded on the planet Auriga, once home to a race called the Endless. Gamers are trapped inside an Endless facility, and will create a team of heroes (each with their own strengths) to explore their environments to gather resources and look for a way out. These heroes can be customized with new abilities and gear over time.

Dungeon of the Endless

The game sees players managing the use of key resources including dust, food, industry and science. Players use dust to power rooms, while gamers can construct ‘modules’ to hold off enemy waves. The game offers multiple difficulty levels.

In a statement, Romain de Waubert de Genlis, creative director at Amplitude Studios, commented:

Our goal in bringing Dungeon of the Endless to iPad is to provide an amazing gameplay experience for fans on the go, and to open up what was once only a PC game to a broader group of gamers hungry for a new style of game on iPad. Our turn-based gameplay style lends itself perfectly to the simple touch-screen style of the iPad. It’s a great marriage of game design and hardware design.

Dungeon of the Endless is expected to release on iPad this summer. The game will include the ‘Deep Freeze’ and ‘Bookworm’ PC content.