Amplify's Latest Post-to-Email Feature Great for Bloggers and Social Network Mavens

Ever feel like you’re spending more time submitting your blog posts to all of your different social networks than you actually spend writing? Well Amplify – a conversation-oriented social network – has a solution: post-to-email sharing. Now you can write up an email and set it to go live on your various networks, from Facebook to Twitter and beyond. This new feature will allow bloggers and social network users to post directly from any device, anywhere, with relative ease. Read on for more details.

Here’s how Amplify’s post-by-email works: Begin your email by writing the title of your blog post in the subject line. If you want to microblog, you leave this blank. Then you write the post itself in the body of the message, complete with any images you want to include (video support will be coming in a later update). Simply send the email to an email address that is linked to your Amplify account and voila! you’ve just posted to all of the social networks your Amplify account is associated with.
If you don’t necessarily want to autopost to any of your networks other than Amplify, you can include “Autopost off” in the first line of your email. Or, to specify only some of your networks, you can use the tags “Autopost twitter, facebook, buzz” to post to only Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz.
For example: you blog, and you want to share your thoughts on a recent political gaffe. Instead of writing up three or four different posts with different formats – a short status update and snappy tweet, a longer blog post, a comment on Google Buzz – you can now whip up an email on your smartphone and set it to post only to Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and Google Buzz. As a blogger, this will cut down on the time spent spreading the word about your posts and allow you to focus more on content.
This service is also great for the social networking maven who is on the verge of network overload. It simplifies posting so that you can concentrate on content rather than spending 10 minutes per post logging in to different social networks. Posting right from your email means that you can post easily when you are away from your computer or on a slower internet connection that might have trouble with social networks.