American Apparel Features Mannequins with Grooming Issues


So, um? Yeah.

Welcome to the newest trend in fashion — ‘real’ mannequins in need of a Brazilian wax. STAT! American Apparel believes this should be a trend in fashion — real women.

While I agree that silicon and other sundry injections have ruined a healthy image of what a woman should be, this real woman is only fashionable in the Amazon (because trimming with a buck knife could nick a little), the Arctic (because a girl needs to stay warm) and possibly Amish communities (because advertising doesn’t get there much).

And this isn’t the first time American Apparel has gone crazy in advertising and marketing.

If this is what it takes to start a trend in advertising and marketing, can we just pretend I’m with it because I can barely look at this picture without a good gag. American Apparel has been called “irresponsible” with its advertising practices before. This article from The Telegraph cites the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) not being a fan:

The ASA concluded that the [American Apparel questionable] ads breached its Code, writing: ‘We considered there was a voyeuristic quality to the images, which served to heighten the impression that the women were vulnerable and in sexually provocative poses. For the reasons given, we considered the ads were likely to cause serious offence to visitors to American Apparel’s website.’

Granted, I may not be the most appropriate person to opine about these (grooming) issues. Our lovely ladies Lizzy and Tonya may have stronger thoughts about this kind of ‘native advertising’ but as for me (and possibly our fearless leader), I just want to grab my nearest razor and do some “editing” to this advertising of my own.