AMC’s Twitter Campaign Bumped Up Ratings By 25 Percent

AMC has been advertising its critically-acclaimed shows on Twitter, and it’s working. 140 Proof and TargetCast have created campaigns for AMC’s shows which are seeing high click-through-rates and bumping up ratings by 25 percent.

According to MediaPost, AMC is seeing great results for its Twitter campaigns for “The Killing”, “The Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad”.

Both “The Killing” and “Breaking Bad” were advertised using tweeted links, and saw click-through-rates as high as 0.4 percent. And while Twitter often claims a 3-5 percent engagement rate, this usually includes click-through-rates and retweets and @mentions of the brand. When removing the retweets and @mentions, Twitter’s average click-through rate is apparently 0.2 percent.

And they did much more than just go for clicks. “The Killing” targeted the 18-34 male demographic, not typical for the show, and got a 25 percent ratings increase for that demographic during the Twitter campaign.

“The Walking Dead” was promoted via Twitter, and tied to hashtags like #zombie and #halloween. The tweets contained a call to action to watch the trailer of “The Walking Dead” second season, and ultimately got 52,000 views. And interestingly, half of these views were from smartphones.

These are just some of the encouraging stats coming out of advertising on Twitter lately. Electronic Arts, for instance, reported engagement rates (which include click-throughs, retweets and @mentions) as high as 11 percent as part of their first foray into Promoted Tweets in the UK. And, when Twitter rolled out Promoted Tweets in everyone’s timeline, there was very little backlash – indicating that the ads are effective, but not obtrusive, a good mix for a company still trying to build its business plan.