AMC 2007: Google Exec Advocates Searchable Content

“Search is a proxy for a brand’s vitality,” Google media platforms director Eileen Naughton asserted to a roomful of magazine executives at AMC yesterday in Boca Raton.

The magazine industry is trying to come to grips with all of the new digital media platforms that have come to prominence over the past ten years, and how to make their content available across different brands — everything from Facebook to Google to individual magazine and television show Web sites.

“One way to do this is through partnering, an approach advocated by many of AMC’s speakers versed in new media, with Naughton suggesting that magazine editors be ‘atomizing their content’ as much as possible to get it placed across a variety of different mediums – mobile, social networking sites, video sites and more. ‘Make sure search engines can find your stuff,’ she urged. ‘Don’t put it behind paid walls, don’t put it on lockdown. Tag your story archives, photos, video clips and make them freely available.’

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AMC 2007: ‘Don’t Put Content on Lockdown’ Google Exec Urges Mag Eds [FishbowlNY]