Now Has an iPhone App, and It's Pretty Cool Too

Receiving major news coverage today is Amazon’s entry into the iPhone apps market with its very own free iPhone application which is simply called What makes this new iPhone application cooler is one of its features which let you snap photos of things you encounter and the app will match it with the same if not similar products at the Amazon shop. Pretty cool right?

Basically, the Amazon iPhone app lets you search and browse for products offered by Amazon and its retail partners such as Macy’s and Target. It also lets you access Amazon’s rich shopping features including Customer reviews as well as direct purchase with the use of its 1-Click Shopping and Amazon Prime.

If you’re a frequent Amazon customer, this new iPhone app would be definitely useful for you. But wait, like we said there’s one cool feature of the iPhone app which makes it worthy of being tagged as a “cool iPhone app” – and it’s called Amazon Remembers.

Amazon remembers helps you keep track of items you encounter in your daily lives and even matches those items with similar if not almost similar items in the Amazon inventory. All you need to do is snap a photo of those items and the app will automatically upload it into When uploaded, the app will immediately match the photos with the corresponding Amazon products. You can either opt to buy it immediately or store for retrieval and perhaps for purchase later.

Overall, the Amazon iPhone app offers fast, convenient and secure Amazon experience for iPhone users. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work in our country’s Apps Store. I wonder if application is available worldwide as Amazon seemed to have forgotten to specify if it does so.