Amazon Opens Kindle Digital Text Platform to Non-US Writers

This is big news indeed for the cut-the-publisher-out-of-the-picture movement. Today, Amazon announced that it has opened its Kindle Digital Text Platform (DTP)–which is the Web-platform that allows writers to upload and sell their own Kindle books, meaning to self publish via the Kindle Store–to writers all over the world writing in English, German and French. Previously, only US-based writers could take advantage of the DTP.

Here’s more from Amazon, which also promises to add more languages to the DTP in the next few months: “‘We are excited to make the self-service Kindle Digital Text Platform available to authors and publishers around the world,’ said Russ Grandinetti, Vice President, Kindle Content. ‘Now any content owner can offer English, German or French-language books to the fast-growing audience of Kindle owners around the globe.'”

Whatever one’s grievances with Amazon may be, it has done a pretty good job of creating an international bookstore. And now that authors living all over can upload books, we have the potential to get heretofore unimagined texts, though most of them will likely be very bad, and all of them will be hard to find.

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