Amazon Fire OS 3.1 Offers Second Screen And Integrates With GoodReads

There are also a couple of new Amazon Fire features, which will no doubt be appreciated by bookworms and PS3 owners, including seamless integration with GoodReads and second screen functionalities.

Amazon Fire’s latest OS upgrade is available for free download from today, with devices updating themselves automatically over the next few weeks.

Not much seems to have changed since 3.0, but there are reportedly several battery and performance improvements. There are also a couple of new features, which will no doubt be appreciated by bookworms and PS3 owners.

We’ll start with the most useful feature, which is a pretty seamless integration with GoodReads. Users can now share their progress with the reading community and rate books as soon as they’ve finished them without having to switch between apps. This is a great move by Amazon, who acquired GoodReads in March this year.

And then there’s Second Screen: a feature which allows you to wirelessly share content from your tablet — such as TV shows and movies — with your television. This feature would be infinitely more useful if it was compatible with more than just PS3s and Samsung TVs.

Amazon says PS4 compatibility will be added later this year. There’s been no mention of additional support for other brands of TV, though, so don’t hold your breath.

There are a few other useful (albeit less exciting) features included in the update. Wireless printing is one of them, and something that we’ve been missing since forever. Storing documents on the cloud is now easier than ever, and the new Cloud Collections makes organizing apps, books, newspapers and magazines much more straightforward. There have been a few improvements where accessibility is concerned, too.

This OS update doesn’t seem like a huge system overhaul, but that’s probably a good thing, considering the hysteria Apple caused with their icon redesigns in iOS7 (although we can’t be the only ones who’ve already forgotten what the old ones looked like).

Amazon Fire OS 3.1 is free, so there’s no reason not to upgrade. You’ll get an update automatically if you wait, though, and you’ll avoid any download queues that way, too!