Am I too Lazy for This Social Media Thing?

As I was trolling the blogosphere today for reading I came across the great blog I started reading the articles and found them to be insightful. Instead of bookmarking the page I went to the RSS button and added it to my feed reader, I use My.Yahoo.

As I looked over my feeds I was dismayed to say I didn’t have a way to read all the feeds I had set up and sunk into a bit of depression. I also started thinking about how much I read before social media and RSS feeds. I would read about a book or two a week.

I then went over to all my social network logins and began reading those feeds, not to mention I needed to balance this will all my cell calls and my twitter feeds. I began to wonder if I was too lazy for this social media thing.

Think about it, I am connected because I have to be. People count on me to be connected and have an understanding of social trends. I also have a passion for it, I truly love social media and want nothing more than to work in this field for the rest of my life.

What about the average person. I am not talking about the generation X, Y, or Z thing, I am talking about the average person that works all day and comes home at night to watch some TV. They do not have the resources or the desire to remain socially connected all the time.

I guess that is an inherent problem I am finding with all social networks today is they lack an ease of connectivity that makes them viable for John Q. Public. For social networks to make that final leap to include everyone they need to find a way to make it almost effortless.

Remember people want the most value with the least amount of work.

Do you see the work of social networks being one of its great limiting factors? Do you think more people would become connected if it were as easy as turning on a TV? Am I completely wrong and social media will soon encompass all ages and all generations?