AllFacebook Welcomes Facebook Connect

-Facebook Connect Button-I’m proud to say that we’ve finally implemented Facebook Connect. It has been weeks in the making and without the help of Josh Elman and Adam Hupp over at Facebook this wouldn’t have been done this week! For now all that I’ve implemented is an easy way to comment on posts but in the coming weeks I’m going to be rolling out a large number of new features that build directly on top of Adam’s plugin.

I’d also like to share a few lessons learned that I gained from the process which included me pulling out my hair a few times (thankfully it’s still growing back). Currently I run wp-super-cache on this site. For those unaware of what wp-super-cache is, it is essentially a tool which makes it easy for sites to handle a heavy amount of traffic. A side effect of this plugin is that pages remain cached for at least an hour.

The end result is that it occasionally appears as though you are still logged in when you really aren’t. So how did I resolve the issue? I haven’t. I decided to cave in and rather than developing my own complex community platform (no not like Facebook), I’m integrating everything directly into WordPress. While it doesn’t completely resolve the wp-super-cache issue, it makes things much more manageable.

If you are looking to find a wp-super-cache workaround for implementing Facebook Connect on your blog, good luck! Honestly, it’s probably not worth the effort. I also hope that all people that decide to log into this site stay logged in forever 😉 . The real key for me was having a single user database for managing this site’s community and WordPress satisfied that requirement. While I’d like to integrate some of the features I’m working on into other sites, I’m going to hold off on a launching a unified user database.

O.k. enough of my jabbering about programming this site. The real story here is that we are live with Facebook Connect and I’m proud to have joined the more than 100 other sites that have implemented the Facebook Connect service. I’m expecting that we’ll see this trend continue over the coming weeks as sites implement the new Facebook Connect wordpress plugin (found here) as well as other plugins like Disqus and JS-Kit.

If you add Connect to your site please be sure to let us know. Also don’t hesitate to let us know about any bugs or issues you see in the new features we’ve already launched and will continue to launch over the coming weeks!