All The Info An Android Geek Could Want

If you use an Android phone and are interested in knowing more technical details about the phone you might have discovered one of the many ways, either through field codes or in apps, to see the information. The problem that I have found is that while there is a lot of information to be found, accessing it either requires a multitude of different apps or processes. Today I learned via Lifehacker about the Android System Info app, which provides all of the technical details about an Android phone within a single app

Android System Info has five sections: Dashboard, System, Tasks, Apps, and Logs. The Dashboard provides a summary overview of battery life, available internal memory (storage), available SDCard storage, and more. The System section, shown in the screen shot to the left, provides access to a huge list of information by simply tapping to expand each of the sections listed. The Tasks section provides a list of all the currently running tasks on the phone. I particularly like that you can change the sort order to see which tasks are using the most memory or CPU. The Apps section lists all of the apps that are on the phone and you can sort the list by their name, size, or installation date; tap the app name to see more details such as what permissions it has and when it was last modified. The Log section provides access to a running log of system information, radio information, and events, most of which I don’t really understand but I assume is valuable to developers.

I want to give kudos to the app developer, Electric Sheep, for providing a well written application with a few well thought-out items. Tap Menu, About and you will see options to see the latest change information, the ability to contact the developer, a direct link to the developer’s blog, and a link to access the developer’s apps in the Android Market. Android System Info can be installed to the SD Card, and after trying another of their apps, Compass & Map, I assume all of their apps install to the SD Card. Android System Info is free and available in the Android Market.