All Periscope Users Can Now Broadcast 360 Video Through iOS, Producer

Periscope began testing the feature with a limited number of partners in December 2016

Periscope announced that all iOS users, and those who broadcast through Periscope Producer, can now broadcast live 360-degree video.

Periscope began testing the feature with a limited number of partners last December, and it allowed other users to join a wait list.

Viewers can watch live 360 videos on both Periscope and Twitter, and these videos are marked with a special “Live 360” badge.

While watching a 360 video, users can change their point of view by tapping and swiping around the screen, or by moving their devices.

Periscope has plenty of competition in the live 360-degree video space, as YouTube launched support for 360-degree live videos in April 2016, and Facebook introduced its Live 360 feature in December.