Alexa Data is Definitely Wrong

One of my readers brought to my attention Alexa’s graph that compares MySpace and Facebook. Earlier today, Facebook crossed paths with MySpace. If you compare’s graph, there is no way that Facebook has as much traffic as MySpace. There is no doubt that they will surpass MySpace is traffic at some point next year but for the time being, Facebook is still smaller.

Facebook has been adding more than 200,000 users to their site on a daily basis. In turn, Facebook has been doubling every six months. I’m not quite sure when Facebook will surpass MySpace in traffic but I am confident that it won’t happen this month or next month. Alexa has been historically inaccurate and this is just another sign of that. One thing is for sure: Facebook is growing by leaps and bounds.

Facebook is dominating the competition and many are wondering when Facebook’s growth will begin to slow. It doesn’t look like it will be slowing anytime soon. I wonder at what point Facebook will begin gaining a significant number of users from social networks aside from MySpace. MySpace has been the primary source of new users in addition to individuals that are new to social networks.

Myspace - Facebook Alexa Data