ALERT: fbcounto Does NOT Let You See Who Viewed Your Profile

A new application called fbcounto, which claims to let you see who viewed your Facebook profile, is a scam.

There is just one post on the fbcounto wall: “Guys !!! this is important!!! Find out who viewed you on facebook and secretly accessed your private data!!! see here !!! —–>”

In reality, if users try to install the application, they get asked to complete phoney offers. It won’t let you see who viewed your profile – it will just try to take your money.

The application has been reported to Facebook but was still live at the time of publication.

Facebook has been rocked by a number of scams on its site, often getting people to fill out offers. This can mean that people get tricked into revealing sensitive personal information that can be used for identity theft and they often wind up with viruses or malware on their computers into the bargain.

The problem is that consumers end up getting fleeced and legitimate businesses find their growth stymied by unwarranted suspicion. For example, previous spams have involved gift cards, something that the likes of Amazon could find a problem as it tries to promote its new gift card via Facebook service.