ALERT: Facebook Chat Hijackers Keep Attacking

Chat hijackers continue their assault on our accounts, promising applications that show us who looks at our profiles in an attempt to lure us to malware.

A hijacked chat window just popped up on my screen while I was grabbing a screenshot for another story — perhaps you’ve gotten an identical message from someone you know.

I’ve pasted in a screen-grab of this chat hijacking, which you can see to the right, complete with poor punctuation and a missing initial capital letter on word “Facebook.” Come on now!

We know that Facebook continues to work hard at rooting out all n’er-do-wells, but believe this problem might diminish with stricter vetting of developers that seek access to the application programming interface for chat.

Meanwhile, the only novelty in the hijacked chat message you see here is the URL. By now most of us know to expect malware wherever something promises to show us who looked at our profiles.

If you see any such rogue popups, proceed directly to your account settings to make sure nothing has installed itself without your consent. Be sure to report anything suspicious looking to Facebook security.

Readers, when was the last time you reported a rogue application to Facebook’s security team?