AirBnB Now Lets Users Rent Their Desks

Decent workspaces are hard to come by. Just ask any urbanite seeking co-working spaces for their startup/app/company. They are far more common than you’d think, and it’s likely that AirBnB is onto a new commerce scheme that will out-perform our greatest productive desires: renting out under-utilized desks.

On AirBnB’s website announcement, James Host declared, “I made $20 renting my desk while I was out for lunch!” This is not the thing that excites us. What excites us is the possibility of flexible office environments – the ones that exists in shrinking and fluctuating commercial spaces where companies are seeking alternatives to losing their rental flats.

In the last downturn, San Francisco office spaces were empty, dead scenes. No one wanted to work. This is not because people didn’t want to make or do productive things. It was because when you’re the lone worker in an office space that’s half-empty, it’s hard to be motivated. It’s downright depressing!

So, whether you’re looking for a temporary desk that more like Oscar Wilde’s for $90 per hour or just a cozy little nook for $5/hr, there’s something for everyone who doesn’t have their own space, just yet.


PS: We think this is an April Fools Joke.