Air Force One Flyover Tops 2009 PR Blunders List

Fineman PR issued their 15th annual Top 10 PR Blunders List this week, and the Department of Defense’s Air Force One Manhattan flyover photo-op topped the list. White House Military Office Director Louis Caldera lost his job over the ill-conceived photo op.

We asked Michael Fineman why Tiger didn’t make the list, and what story was #1 in 1994 when he began the tradition. “The Tiger Woods situation represented a tragic personal moral failure, not a PR blunder,” Fineman told us.

The first “winner” was a Washington, D.C. city agency who decided they needed good PR, so they publicized a drug raid in one of the City’s subsidized housing projects. The problem was that their news release went out just before the drug bust took place, so by the time the authorities got there, the, obviously, media savvy bad guys had absconded.

Other blunders include Goldman “God’s work” Sachs, the United Airlines guitar toss, Domino’s boogergate (my copy, not Fineman’s), the Kanye West butt-in, and the botched KFC giveaway. See the press release for links to the corresponding news stories.