Agent 155 Announce Upcoming Social Media Network

It may seem like the web has coughed up more than enough social networks by now but, if the internet has taught me anything over the years it’s that no digital niche will ever go unfilled. Meet Agent155, the recently announced site that plans to launch a network aimed at the entertainment industry.

Denver’s Agent155 Media Corp wants to give athletes, musicians, models, actors and other performers the ability to more effectively promote themselves. How will it accomplish this you ask? Well, the idea is to provide users with quick-‘n’-easy access to a free profile that allows for uploading, storing and streaming up to 15 gigabytes of portfolio material.

Agent155’s founder and CEO, Christopher Martinez, sees the company’s goal as one of “[putting] career development and opportunity directly in the hands of the creator.” He hopes to leverage the PR possibilities inherent in social services like Twitter and Facebook in a new manner, cutting through levels of agency to more directly link talented users with the record labels, producers, fans and others they need to get ahead in their field. The social network will also monitor its userbase in order to find members who Agent155 can recruit for concerts, commercials and more.

It’s a great idea but the success of Agent155 will likely depend on how well the site’s user interface is designed. If  simple navigation and a quality aesthetic is combined with 155’s concept the network could very well make a big mark in a crowded industry.

We’ll have more coverage on Agent155 when the beta version launches. For now, you can check out the barebones site by clicking here.