After the Tablet Is Real

It seems all but certain that Apple will indeed unveil a tablet the week of January 25–there are rumors of an event on the 26th or the 27th. So many months of wishing will finally come true. Amidst all this anticipation, eBookNewser is wondering, once the tablet is officially announced, what will we do?

For months, it’s been the holy grail of the media universe: a device that will kill not only the Kindle, but the DVR, the laptop, the iPhone, every media device that’s not nailed down. It’s been the receptacle of all our nerdiest hopes and dreams. But soon Apple will tell us all about the product it’s actually going to be selling–and even if Apple isn’t making a tablet, even if they’re just unveiling the super-awesome iPhone 4, tablets are still about to be everywhere by the end of 2010, whether they’re make by Apple or not.

As speculation becomes information, it seems more like Apple’s tablet will be a souped up media-player–more like a big iPhone than a small MacBook. If that’s the case, will we be disappointed? Or will it be as awesome as we’ve been hoping? Will it be worth the rumored $1000? Are you bracing yourself for colossal excitement, or for disappointment?

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