After Initial Criticism, the Hillary Clinton Logo Is Showing Its True Colors

It has actually turned out to be kind of clever.

hillary logoWhen the logo for Hillary Clinton’s latest presidential run (right) was unveiled, it was skewered by a whole lotta people. From the color scheme to the concept, one expert who worked with President Obama’s website redesign said, “I think the Hillary logo is really saying nothing.”

Actually, there were some that thought the red said “GOP” just a bit too much. Others had a problem with the arrow. The list of gripes went on and on.

“We’ll leave it to others to read too far into our logo,” Josh Schwerin, a spokesperson for the Clinton campaign told Politico.

That was a good move. The logo is proving itself to be rather versatile. On Tuesday, the campaign gave it a multi-color makeover to make a statement about the Supreme Court case considering same-sex marriage.

hillary logo same sex


Here’s what it looks like in Iowa.

hillary iowa

And South Carolina.

hillary south carolina

And New Hampshire.

hillary NH

“Among perhaps the smartest analyses of the logo was one from Sol Sender, who designed Obama’s 2008 logo,” notes NPR. That logo is called one of the best ever.

obama logo

“He told the Huffington Post that the point of campaign logo design is to first address one of the candidate’s biggest weaknesses. For Obama, because of his unusual name, the campaign knew it had to play up patriotism. For Clinton, it’s the criticism that she represents the past,” he continued.

On top of that, it’s a logo that can be transformed to suit the audience. Another of Hillary’s problems is the idea that she can’t relate to ordinary people. A logo isn’t going to dispel that. But customizing her logo for different states is one small way for her to engage with constituents.

I never really had a problem with the Hillary logo, but I’m particularly fond of the rainbow one. At the very least, it’s a step up from the geographically incorrect Marco Rubio logo.