After Hype, Disappointment With Apple Announcement

Photo: Apple

Yesterday at 1 p.m. tons of people were pumped, seated in front of their computers with a nice beverage, prepared to be wowed by the latest Apple announcement. Instead, there’s been a collective “meh” heard around the world.

According to CNET, while the new iPhone 4S has some great stuff under the hood, the rumors of a super phone had inflated people’s expectations for an iPhone 5. Now the question is, “Who will buy the souped up iPhone 4S?”

We’ll take a stab in the dark and say that those who would buy any shiny new gadget will likely pay for the upgrade. And once those with the regular old iPhone catch a peek of the funky freshness of the 4S (if indeed it is funky fresh), they too will make the purchase. For a breakdown of what the new device has to offer, click here. (Besides that, the NY Times Bits blog reports on the Amazon-like pricing that’s happening on the iPhone, which may entice sales as well.)

Separately but also important, Ad Age analyzes why marketers need to pay attention to this minor/major development. For example, the new phone comes equipped with an even better camera, meaning there will be even more photo sharing. For publicists hosting events, keeping that in mind and making your event smartphone/Flickr/Facebook/Twitter ready should be a priority.

And just for fun, here’s a link to an Apple stats and numbers breakdown from AllThingsD.