Adweek’s Cyber Monday Review


Strong Black Friday Means Big Cyber Monday

Black Friday online sales were up 21 percent year over year, according to IBM’s 2012 Holiday Benchmark Report. And mobile sales on Black Friday were up 63 percent compared to 2011, per IBM.


Social Media Reacts to Cyber Monday

Every retailer around went to social media this morning to broadcast its specific Cyber Monday deal of the day. It's safe to say that on the Web's biggest retail day of the year, Twitter has pretty much become the newspaper circular of the 21st century with companies like Verizon Wireless vying for and purchasing the nationwide "Cyber Monday" Promoted Trend today—which costs $120,000 per day. But it appears not everyone is thrilled with Cyber Monday's media blitz. A pretty heavy contingent of disgruntled Web denizens took to Twitter to complain about the frantic emails from retailers like Amazon, who've inundated inboxes with pleas to spend, spend, spend.


It’s No Surprise, but Mobile Wins the Day

It's a trend that won't stop gaining speed. Mobile continues to set, then break, records during every successive online event. Cyber Monday appears to be no outlier with many predicting well over $1 billion in mobile sales this year. A recent study from Deloitte is also predicting a staggering 68 percent of smartphone owners will take to their pocket-sized devices to purchase items during this holiday shopping season, no doubt encouraging retailers and marketers to court mobile even more aggressively.


Virgin America Is Auctioning Off Ridiculously Expensive Private Flights

Cyber Monday is full of ridiculously priced items like a $59 Android tablet or $120 ruby necklace—or a $49,000 private Virgin America flight to Vegas. Even more ridiculous? It’s already sold out.


Amazon, GameStop, ToysRUs Win on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday's discounted deals can raise eyebrows. According to staffers at the coupons site, today’s top deals are 90 percent off at; 75 percent off diamond earrings; 60 percent off at; and 70 percent off at 


Smartphones Selling Fast, Might Replace TV as Primary Screen

Per Black Friday-based data from the Consumer Electronics Association, smartphones and tablets might be replacing the TV as consumers’ primary screens. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the CES found that 26 percent of shoppers on Friday bought a smartphone while 22 percent picked up a tablet. With approximately 31 percent of U.S. households already owning a tablet, the trade org’s chief economist and senior director of research Shawn DuBravac told THR, “It would not surprise me if half of U.S. households own tablets by the beginning of 2013.”


Tablets, Tablets, Tablets

Tablets remain the hot gift idea, but they’ve also become the hot method for buying gifts. Apple’s iPad alone chipped in nearly 10 percent of online shopping traffic on Black Friday, eclipsing its competitors by driving 88 percent of all tablet traffic.


Shopkick for Cyber Monday Deals IRL

Not everyone wants consumers to spend Cyber Monday staring at a screen. Mobile in-store shopping app Shopkick is running a pair of promotions—including one with Verizon Wireless—to reward shoppers who leg it into actual stores for their bargain hunting.


Newspapers Trying to Boost Subscription Numbers

It's no secret that the newspaper industry has struggled the past few years. Trying best as they can to drive up subscription rates by the end of the year, some papers are offering some pretty excellent deals to help you get behind the paywall. The Wall Street Journal, for example, is offering deeply discounted six-month digital subscriptions and The New York Times is touting a 50 percent off digital/home delivery 26-week gift subscription. 


Literally Everyone Is Vying for Your Cyber Monday Cash

If you're looking for a sign as to just how widespread Cyber Monday has become, a cursory glance at platforms like Tumblr will show you that nearly every merchant on the Web is trying to cash in on the spending blitz. Adweek found a couple of less conventional deals snooping around the Web, like 45 percent off at some online head shops and marijuana-friendly retailers. It's a far cry from the manic Black Friday scrums, but it looks like this holiday season there is a deal for almost everyone.