Charlie Warzel

Mental Floss Finds a Home on YouTube

A number of big print publishers have ventured onto YouTube, with mixed success.

Forget Finding Your Friends. SXSW Shifts to Outer Space

This year, like the one before it, nobody "won" South By Southwest Interactive. This is not news, nor is it a surprise for a festival that's been in the middle of an identity crisis for years; depending on who you ask the conference jumped the shark/got too big/sold out anywhere between 2003 and 2013.

New York Times Introduces Prototype Site Redesign

This morning, The New York Times announced it will begin rolling out a prototype version of its newly designed website for employees inside the company firewall with plans to expand access to outsiders in the near future.

Mashable Unveils New Native ‘Social Lift’ Ad Unit

Today, at Mashable's SXSW MashShow event, CEO and founder Pete Cashmore presented the company's newest native ad unit to the Austin, Texas, crowd. 

Elon Musk: ‘My Life Is Insane’

At a packed keynote panel that left many SXSW attendees watching from overflow rooms, SpaceX, Tesla and PayPal founder Elon Musk gave convention goers a glimpse of his "insane" life.

Is ESPN Ready to Embrace Big Data?

Nerd convention. Dorkapalooza. Geek heaven. Just a few names that were bandied about last weekend to describe the annual gathering of sports' intellectual cabal at MIT's Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

Industry Effort to Improve Web Ad Metrics Goes Nowhere

Is the viewable impression going nowhere fast?

Federated Media CEO Deanna Brown to Depart

In a shakeup at Federated Media Publishing, CEO Deanna Brown announced today that she'll be departing the company, leaving current executive chairman and former CEO John Battelle to return to the position. 

IAB Post Mortem: Deep Industry Divide on Native Ads

Despite all the hype and enthusiasm surrounding native advertising, there's a rift in the digital ad business and it's deeper than you might think.

Susan Lyne Becomes CEO of AOL’s Brand Group

AOL board member and Gilt vice chairman Susan Lyne has been appointed CEO of AOL's brand group, the company said this morning.