Facebook’s Self-Serve Ad Tool Now Includes a Creative Library

Advertisers on Facebook that use the self-serve ad tool now have access to a creative library that includes all the combinations of images, headlines, and body text they’ve previously used in ads. These creative sets can be renamed or pulled into new ads, and creative sets can be uploaded without associating them with a particular ad.

The creative library will help to improve the efficiency of A/B testing, running multiple campaigns, and rotating creative, assisting smaller advertisers without big enough budgets to use third-party Ads API tools.

Facebook has offered a “Create Similar Ad” feature for some time that lets users duplicate a previous creative and targeting set. However, advertisers might not always want to have to undo all their targeting parameters just to use the same creative. Starting an ad from the creative library gives advertisers a clean targeting slate.

When advertisers visit the self-serve ad tool, they’ll now notice a “Select Existing Creative” link in the top right corner. When clicked, advertisers can select from any creative set they’ve previously used. They can search for specific creatives by name, though not by words in headlines or body, which might be useful. They can also filter to see creatives assigned to specific campaigns or that aren’t associated with any campaign.

To access the full-featured creative library, advertisers can either visit http://www.facebook.com/ads/create/creative.php or click the “Creative Library” bookmark in the Ads & Pages manager’s left sidebar. This opens a list of all existing creative sets, lets admins edit the names of the sets, preview how they would look in an ad, start a new ad using one of the sets, or upload a creative set without assigning it to a campaign. More information about the creative library can be found in the Facebook Help Center.

By using ad creatives from the library that have already been published, advertisers may be able to expedite Facebook’s creative approval process that can cause a delay between a few minutes and a few days between when ads are submitted and published. It’s not exactly clear at this time how the approval process treats creatives from the library, though.

To truly take advantage of Facebook advertising, buyers must multivariant test creative and targeting combinations and shift budget towards the best performers. To do this at scale, advertisers need to use the Facebook Ads API, but signing with one of the Ads API tool or service providers can require a big budget. For smaller advertisers, the creative library will make testing of a few dozen combinations easier, helping them come closer to compete with those able to test thousands of variants.

[Thanks to Amit Lavi for the tip.]