Advanced location-based services come to Titanium 2.0 with Geoloqi partnership

Developers working in the Titanium 2.0 development platform can now add advanced geolocation services to Android and iOS apps, thanks to a new partnership between Appcelerator and Geoloqi.

With Geoloqi’s API, developers can enable persistent location awareness in their apps, but without the typical drawback of location-tracking apps — heavy battery usage. Unlike other geolocation services, Geoloqi’s platform pulls real-time location data from a variety of sources like cell towers, GPS, Wi-Fi and indoor tracking systems, which allows the service to run in the background without needing to run a phone’s battery intensive GPS system all the time.

Although Appcelerator already offered some basic location-based services like check-ins through the company’s new Appcelerator Cloud Services, developers using Geoloqi’s API can set up pre-determined location zones called geofences and enable location-triggered events in their Titanium-built apps. This enable apps to perform more sophisticated location-based tasks, such as sending a registered customer a push notification with a coupon attached as soon as they enter a store.

Starting today and running until June 30, Titanium developers who want to try out Geoloqi’s services can use them for free for two months, after which the price increases to either $19 or $119 a month, depending on how many geo-triggered events and push messages a developer wants their app to send. Developers who don’t work with Appcelerator can also still use the Geoloqi platform, using the company’s Android and iOS SDKs or the Geoloqi API.