Adoption of Facebook’s Atlas growing quicker than Google’s DoubleClick


Not long after Facebook re-launched its robust advertising measurement platform Atlas, adoption has boomed. According to Datanyze, more websites added Atlas technology than Google’s DoubleClick in both October and November.

In October, 34,589 websites added Atlas as their ad server, compared to 33,873 for DoubleClick. So far this month, more than 27,000 websites have added Atlas (though it has also been dropped by more than 13,300 sites), compared to roughly 13,000 who added DoubleClick. Datanyze tracks roughly 25 million websites.

Currently, Atlas has 15.6 percent of the Alexa top 1 million websites, but DoubleClick is still king at 67.5 percent.


In total, Datanyze says that there are 207,701 websites with Atlas technology, including 66 of the top 1,000 sites as ranked by Alexa.

Datanyze Director of Product Chris Newhouse talked with Inside Facebook about how more websites are adopting Atlas technology:

From a technical perspective, just seeing this technology integrated on more sites indicates that a few things might be happening. Atlas is reconnecting with a lot of publishers, perhaps winning impressions on exchanges, and advertisers are likely being more active as a result. … There’s a clear trend on the chart that starting back where things looked pretty low and flat until Facebook was beginning to integrate it.

Here’s a look at adoption prior to Facebook’s acquisition from Microsoft:

atlasfullhistoryAtlas also recently published a case study, showing how Coastal Contacts discovered that 50 percent of their in-store buyers had been exposed to the company’s online ads. Additionally, insights showed that roughly half of Coastal Contacts’ online ads were being shown to recent customers.

Coastal Contacts CMO Braden Hoeppner was quoted in a blog post:

Identity data gives advertisers 20/20 vision for ad serving or tracking. Atlas offers clarity into the whole picture of ad campaigns for on and offline conversions.

Readers: Do you think Atlas will continue to trend up and gain more market share from DoubleClick?

Image courtesy of Atlas’ Facebook page.