Adium to Support Facebook Chat

Adium has announced support for Facebook chat in their upcoming release. This is the third instant message application to add support following behind Digsby and Gabtastik. While there is no word on when the upcoming release will officially launch, I would imagine that it will take place in the coming week. Facebook chat is rapidly becoming a ubiquitous platform of communication.

I have been using Facebook chat an increasing amount since I have so many contacts on the site. While Facebook chat doesn’t let you grant selective access to users yet, I’d guess that they will soon add more features. I don’t currently use my Mac as frequently as my PC so I haven’t had the opportunity to check out Gabtastik. It has received positive reviews from a number of people that I’ve spoken to about it.

Adium is one of the most popular chat applications for Mac users and I’d guess that this upcoming release will be extremely popular. Adium already supports 14 other chat platforms including ICQ, AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk and a number of others. This will add one more to the lineup. Read more about it over on the Adium blog.

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