Adeven relaunches as Adjust, announces improved mobile analytics solution


Mobile app tracking and analytics company Adeven has announced its major rebranding initiative, changing its name to Adjust, and announcing the launch of a new feature set to its product. The Adjust platform focuses on re-engagement targeting, and looks to move beyond just tracking app download numbers, but to analyze how consumers use apps after the initial download.

The Adjust platform offers support for “deep-linking,” tracking of users in re-engagement campaigns, and support for all networks currently providing re-engagement, including Facebook. This deep-linking support allows campaigns to include links that either open targeted apps, or redirect users to app stores to install apps not currently on a device.

In addition, brands and marketers can use Adjust to track how customers use applications after download, including tracking the average session length, number of times logged into an app, and more. The real-time analysis allows marketers to alter their campaigns in response to data, and also shows which sources have provided the most valuable users.

“No one cares about app download numbers any more. In 2014 it is far more important for publishers to understand what users do after download, and that is what our new features provide in crystal-clear detail,” said Christian Henschel, CEO of Adjust.

“With our new cohort analysis capabilities, publishers will be able to track exactly what works in marketing to, or engaging with, tightly defined groups. We have already seen this drive significant increases in monetization and improvements in user acquisition efficiency during beta trials with publishers.”

More information on Adjust’s platform is available on its website.