Add text to images with WordsOn on iOS

Image via Bits&Coffee

Bits&Coffee has announced the launch of WordsOn, its newest iOS app that allows users to add text to images before sharing them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, or before sending them via email.

WordsOn at its most basic allows users to add short text strings to images important from users’ camera rolls. For instance, someone may write “I wish you were here” on a vacation image later posted to Facebook for their family to see. The app also allows for more in-depth customization, including using templates as the background image for user creations.

Each image can contain multiple layers of text, which can be repositioned, resized and rotated on top of the current image. Users can also choose from various templates for shadow or stroke text effects, for instance, and can even adjust the transparency of the text.

Once complete, users can export images to their camera roll, or can share the image directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email. The app joins a growing group of image customization apps, including Pictures Collage, and Loudpix, an application for captioning images.

WordsOn is now available to download for free on iOS, with support for iOS 5 and above. You can follow the app’s progress on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.